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  • Hot Lentil Rice

    It’s a very famous lunch/breakfast recipe from Karnataka (South India). In Kannada, Bisi means hot, Bele means lentil, and Bath means rice. It’s a healthy and balanced One Pot meal made of rice, lentils, and mixed vegetables. It tastes great when eaten with Kara Bhoondi, potato chips, or Papad. The trick to making Bisibelebath is […]

  • Cowboy Beans

    These cowboy beans are conveniently produced in One Pot, taste great and reach the spot on every table for quick family dinner or potluck ideas. No one’s really going to think its vegan and so absolutely delicious. This basic recipe falls together in 15 minutes, making them a big winner. Even children will call for […]

  • Lentil Soup

    Here’s a quick and easy lentil soup full of vegetables and flavor. Cooking in Instant Pot makes food preparation too simple and fast in general. I have found that whether you Pressure Cook lentils or beans, you get the additional advantage of having lentils significantly decreased compared with regular stove-top cooking. This can be a […]

  • Kidney Beans and Tomato Vegan Chili

    This Instant Vegan Chili Pot is the best Vegan Chili recipe you’ll ever have! It’s so quick to make, it just needs a few basic Ingredients, and it’s ready in no time at all. Guaranteed to please vegetarians and vegans! From Ayurvedic point of View: For vegetarians, beans , dals, and lentils are an essential […]

  • Steel Cut Oats

    Steel Cut Oats This is another very quick recipe that just requires a couple of minutes to put together. The best thing is that this recipe can be modified to match your preferences. Don’t like apples, consider strawberries instead. From Ayurvedic Point of View: Oats inherently tastes sweet in their grain form. These qualities and […]

  • Farro and kidney beans with burnt scallions

    This recipe is inspired by the rice and peas (or rice and beans) dish that’s found throughout the Caribbean but is most closely associated with Jamaica. Depending on whom you ask, the “peas” are pigeon peas or kidney beans—I use the latter in this recipe, and farro instead of the traditional long-grain white rice. Farro, […]

  • Scallion-teff biscuits

    Here’s the thing: these scallion biscuits are a standout on their own. But I wanted to pair them with umami-rich mushroom gravy so they could be eaten as a meal. This is the type of breakfast that my dad likes to have on vacation or on one of his “cheat days.” I agree with Pops. […]

  • Juicing ginger

    he easiest way to get juice from ginger is feeding it into an electric juicer, but here is another way if you don’t have a juicer: First, grate ginger knobs on a box grater (the coarse side with the big holes works well). You can also pulverize the ginger in a food processor to yield […]

  • Cleaning leeks

    This tasty and rich soup is fairly easy to make, though the puffed black ginger rice takes some time (worth it!). The star is undoubtedly the sweet potatoes—a staple of African American cooking. The leeks play a supporting role, deepening the flavor of the soup. A smattering of cashew cream adds a velvety texture to […]

  • Fennel and citrus salad

    This salad mashes up two memorable dishes from different periods of my life. I enjoyed the first one back during my college years, when my friend Gigi and I visited a restaurant in Milan that specialized in southern Italian cuisine. We must have spent two hours in that place stuffing our faces. When the waiter […]