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  • Instant Pot Lentil Chili

    When I’m low of time, I enjoy this recipe. Instant Pot Lentil Chili is prepared in less than 30 minutes and is a tasty, delicious vegetarian/vegan meal. From Ayurvedic Point of View: For vegetarians, beans , dals, and lentils are an essential source of nutrition—protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. As versatile as they are […]

  • Instant Pot Tikka Masala

    This Tikka Masala is absolutely delicious, super easy, and freezer friendly. From Ayurvedic Point of View: Ayurveda considers onion and garlic more than food. As a result, onions and garlic are known as blood purifiers in Ayurveda. While garlic has curing properties, onions have cooling properties and are a perfect summer snack. Onions are sweet […]

  • Instant Pot Lentil Butternut Squash Curry

    This warm lentil butternut or pumpkin curry is creamy and soothing. From Ayurvedic Point of View: For vegetarians, beans, dals, and lentils are an essential source of nutrition —protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. As versatile as they are tasty, dals and lentils are used to make salads, appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, and […]

  • Dressing salads

    Monifa Dayo, my talented chef friend, gave me the best advice for making flavorful salads, which I will share with you: Before coating the leaves with dressing, lightly spray them with fresh lemon juice, sprinkle with salt, and toss to coat. This technique helps amplify the flavors of the dressing once it’s added. If using […]

  • Sautéed turnip greens with penne

    I was one of those people who rolled my eyes when parents talked about having to “sneak” vegetables into their kids’ meals. Because my elder daughter, Mila, has such a voracious appetite for vegetables, I assumed that those parents were doing it all wrong. If those parents had just introduced their kids to a variety of vegetables […]

  • Turnip green soup

    This recipe is an update of a favorite recipe from my book Vegan Soul Kitchen. This soup is very nurturing and, dare I say, healing. During winter months, if I’m feeling a cold creeping on, I make this soup and take it easy, and typically bounce back. I don’t get caught up in monitoring nutrients and […]

  • Roasted parsnips with onion-mustard sauce

    Inspired by the Senegalese poulet yassa—a dish of chicken and caramelized onion with lemony mustard sauce—this recipe pairs mildly sweet, earthy, and nutty parsnips with a juicy and flavorful marinade of peanut oil, black pepper, onions, mustard seeds, garlic, habanero, and Dijon mustard. The parsnips are then topped with seasoned caramelized onions and garnished with […]

  • Caraway-roasted beets and carrots

    This is a fun salad that I like serving in cups. The magic of this dish is digging all the way to the bottom of the glass and scooping up dressing as you drag all the other ingredients into your mouth. Ingredients: roasted beets and carrots 1½ tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon white wine […]

  • Oven-roasted baby beets

    This simple and fun beet salad was inspired by a dish in Melissa Clark’s Dinner in an Instant. She has always been one of my favorite cookbook authors, and her recipes are always on point. 1 pound mixed baby beets (about 12), scrubbed and stem end trimmed 1 lemon ¾ cup nondairy yogurt 1 teaspoon agave […]