Instant Pot Garlic Butter Green Beans (Vegan)

If you serve these garlic and buttery green beans to a green bean hater,
they’re going to convert! These green beans are filled with flavor, vegan,
which ensures that they are also dairy-free, gluten-free, low-carbon, keto,
and Whole30 complaints!
Now, these can be cooked over the stovetop, but because I’ve discovered
the Pressure Cooker process, that’s the only way I’ll cook my green beans
from now onwards! Cooking them in the Instant Pot ensures that I don’t
have to control the beans; I can leave the kitchen when the greens are
cooked, and every time they turn out to be perfect!

From Ayurvedic Point of View:

Ayurveda considers onion and garlic more than food. As a result, onions
and garlic are known as blood purifiers in Ayurveda. While garlic has
curing properties, onions have cooling properties and are a perfect summer
snack. Onions are sweet in flavor and help promote better digestion.
For vegetarians, beans , dals, and lentils are an essential source of
nutrition—protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. As
versatile as they are tasty, dals and lentils are used to make salads,
appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts, too. They fit
well with other foods, such as grain, vegetables, herbs, and spices.
According to Ayurveda, nuts of all sorts in moderation, nut milk and nut
butter ; almond, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds are excellent for pacifying
Vata. In moderation, blanched and peeled almonds and coconuts are fine
for Pitta, as are sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Servings: 6
Time to Prepare: 10 minutes

  1. 1 lb (500 grams) green beans
  2. 1/3 cup vegetable stock
  3. 1 tbsp. butter ( prefer sunflower butter)
  4. 2 cloves garlic (crushed)
  5. 1/2 tsp. sea salt flakes
  6. 1 tbsp. lemon juice (optional)
  1. Wash the ends of the green beans and trim them. Add them to
    the Instant Pot with the butter, garlic, salt, and stock.
  2. Cover the Pot with the lid and make sure the valve is in Sealing
  3. Select Manual or Pressure Cooker at High Pressure and cook for
    1 minute. Enable the Instant Pot to be pressurized and cook for
    1 minute (or 0 minutes if you want it to be crunchier).
  4. Release the steam quickly when the cooking is over. Open the
    lid and then use tongs or a large slotted spoon to remove the
    green beans.
  5. Check if you need more salt, drizzle with the lemon juice and

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